Fall Ready Style – Designs by Nem

I love Ankara fashion and street-wear, you will get to know this with time. But sometimes Ankara can either be too tight/stiff or not warm enough. When I first laid eyes on this outfit, I knew right then I had to have it! This beautiful two-piece is by Design by Nem. The fabric is mud cloth, which I think is best for fall or winter.

I’ve been working with this designer since my last show in 2017. Nem is a beautiful spirited, dedicated designer here in Atlanta and it was an honor to wear her design for both my bridal shower and this shoot.

Some of the reasons I love this two-piece fit are, the breath-ability in the fabric while still feeling warm. I also can’t get enough of a wide-leg high-waist pant. The over-exaggerated bell sleeves were an added bonus plus the turtleneck loop tie in the back, unmatched!

My favorite thing about this look, however, is the story the fabric is telling. The African woman in motion/ at work. We women really are superheroes, every nationality, every culture, every race.


Photos by AtlVzn

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