New Podcast Alert! – 1 Queen and 2 Kings – Ep. 1 – Friends with Benefits

My cousin recently released a new podcast with two male co-hosts. This made sense to me because we have the best conversations every time we get a chance to! The name of the podcast is 1 Queen and 2 Kings. It can be found on Anchor.FM, Spotify, and Google Podcast.

What I love, are the different points of view. There is one married king, one king who “has a boo,”

this was my reaction when he said his status.

and there’s my big cousin who represents the single queens. You definitely get different perspectives, which is why this episode about “friends with benefits” was so juicy!

In this episode, they define what a “friend with benefits” is to them. They also speak on the pros and cons of these relationships. I am so happy that soul ties were factored in because this topic is something we millennials seem to be in denial about but it’s real!

What blew my mind was ‘The 10 Commandments of Friends With Benefits.’ There was so much more, look below to listen because, Honey!

Urban Dictionary defines friend with benefits as:

Two friends who trust each other enough to engage in sexual activity without fear of hurting the other’s feelings. Ideal scenario for folks who are not interested in a serious relationship, or who do not have time for one; neither party has to refrain from dating other people.

OK, so my personal opinion, I’m married, but before that, I was single, I just don’t think these relationships work. You end up catching feelings, getting those feelings hurt, AND losing a friend! It’s just not worth it.

Soul ties are real and may call for another blog or even better, I would love to hear an episode of 1 Queen and 2 Kings that talks about the subject because people really need to hear about why it’s so so important to starve your flesh! Soul ties are HARD TO BREAK!

I’ll say this to all my singles that are old enough if you are faced with the chance of having a friend with benefits. Pause and just be FRIENDS! Your benefits will come from God in His right time!

Have you ever had a successful friends-with-benefits relationship? Or do you know someone who has? I doubt it, LOL.


2 thoughts on “New Podcast Alert! – 1 Queen and 2 Kings – Ep. 1 – Friends with Benefits”

  1. Ooohhhh yessss! Look at my little cuz dropping these gems! Thank you so much for featuring our podcast on your blog. I am beyond appreciative🙏🏽 and I am so proud of the woman you’ve become. God bless you and my you continue to successfully grow in your craft and prosper🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    1. Thanks so much! I love love love the podcast it took everything for me to not post back to back about the episodes! 😂

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