About Me

Creative Director

Anita Safo

Known by her nickname Nitapop, became a multi-layered brand and is the creative director and founder of The Culture Shock Show, POP Productions, POPShotYa, for her love to capture picture art and uses high quality cameras, and Pop Up Culture, an online marketplace which she uses marketing and analytics knowledge to help sell products. Anita also is a cast member of The Lounge ATL for 2 seasions, host of POP Talks, and Shop With POP. 


The Origin Story

Anita was born in Atlanta Georgia. After her parent’s divorce, her mother had a hard time caring for her and working with no support from her father. Anita’s mother felt it was best to send her to Obuasi Ghana living with her late grandfather and his wife and children. On weekends she would go spend time with her grandmother and her husband because they didn’t live too far apart.


Before moving to Ghana (circa 1998-2000), Anita’s mother could see so much personality in her so she entered Anita into several pageants growing up, from the age of 3. When Anita came back from Ghana she had a few rebel years because of some traumas she didn’t know how to communicate at that age.


Anita decided to focus on her acting and modeling dreams and decided to do one final pageant, Miss Africa Georgia. She represented as Miss Ghana Georgia at the age of 17. After this pageant, Anita realized how much she didn’t like the popularity contest that is pageantry.

The Birth of Branding

In 2011-12 Anita realized the cultural aspect of fashion and music was under appreciated in the industry. She saw a need for more events other than THE CLUB for afro/caribbean people in the diaspora. After a wrongful termination at PF Changs in Buford Georgia, Anita founded The Culture Shock Show back in 2012, believing more than ever that she was walking the path of her purpose. As life occured things have happened to Anita for decades that could have knocked her and kept her down, but she continued to tackle roadblocks and achieve milestones often.

Anita took her acting and film dreams and added fashion and music. This merge brought the production to a whole other level. Knowing it would be too hard to keep up with mental health while producing annual show, In 2017 Anita went back to school and completed her bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems in 2020. From 2013-20, Anita also managed Ike’s Cafe and Grill, the nation’s best fine dining West African restaurant.

Anita decided to go into fashion modeling but was rejected due to height. She kept going and discovered where she fit in the industry. She began to do beauty modeling for makeup artists and brands. She was slowly building her portfolio and resume while figuring out what her purpose truly was. Anita knew she always wanted to act above all else so if she needed to model to be seen, she would do just that. In 2021 Anita focuses on her dream to attend acting classes at Louis Stancil Studios in Atlanta.

Even after years of change, NitaPOP’s mission has been to become a well-known actress while fulfilling the purpose of merging culture together through fashion, food, art, and music. NitaPOP aka POP, is a force to be reckoned with and we really can’t wait to see all her work come to fruition.