Merging CULTURE together with arts, mainly focusing on
fashion, music, and food from around the world.

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Culture Shock Show

A 2-day cultural experience highlighting fashion, film, food, music, and so much more. Next event Summer 2023.

Pop Up Culture

Shop AND Sell with my online marketplace. The latest fashion and beauty trends offered here are made worldwide.

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“My mission as a culture curator is to collaborate with other creative like minds to use culture and art together to form enriched communities experiences.”

Anita Safo


Multi-Hyphenated Creative. Actor, Producer, Creative Director...

Founder of The Culture Shock Show​. The Culture Shock Show began in 2012 to participate in the cultural appreciation rise in Atlanta. Countless Afro-centric festivals and pop-ups are all thanks to Anita’s efforts in the community.

Anita is passionate about bridging cultures together and forming enriched communities and loves collaborating with talented people. 


Reach out and let us connect the diaspora to help represent communities from the city, to around the world.