The Struggle is REAL – Getting & Staying FIT!

Most of us think about working out and immediately associate it to soreness, but honestly, it didn’t really hurt to start.

Yet here I am, fallen off the wagon, again, needing some motivation to start back up! Which I will.. TRY 😂


It’s seemed like everyone I know considered changing their lifestyle habits this year. They were either working out, eating better, or doing both! I tried myself and got so close to my goal, but after my trip, I got “too busy” again.tiredI’ll share the videos soon! The whole part of the lifestyle change I need to master is DISCIPLINE!giphy.gifI have to admit my body did feel way better when I was working out so I want to get back to that. I did a 10 day fast recently and I really thought I would lose weight eating less and drinking one smoothie a day but I looked bigger. Like how?! So I’m going to make an effort and see what happens if I change my eating and workout habits and I will keep you all posted! Maybe even one day I’ll work up the courage to show you all my old “before” pics from when I started with the trainer this year.




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